Sleeping with the Lights and Lighted TV? Lose It For the Body

Sleeping with the Lights and Lighted TV? Lose It For the Body; people usually need an atmosphere that is dark and quiet room. But some are choosing to keep the lights and turn on the television. In fact, this habit is not healthy touted for health, you know. A study conducted by observing the effects of light exposure during the night concludes that the longer and more intense body exposure to light at night, the greater the risk the person is experiencing symptoms of depression.

"In our research so far, exposure to light at night associated with symptoms of depression, decreased quality of sleep, metabolic abnormalities and blood pressure, as well as health problems such as depression and insomnia," said one study author, Kenji Obayashi, MD, PhD.

Even so, he admitted that more research is needed to discover what factors could cause all of these conditions are interrelated. But professor at Nara Medical University School of Medicine, Japan is suspect it happens because of excessive exposure to light at night disrupt the natural sleep rhythms sikardian, which is associated with sleep.

"Sikardian phase could be delayed and could consequently arise depression and insomnia. Moreover, exposure to light can also change the patterns of human melatonin secretion, which is a hormone associated with mental state and quality of sleep," he added in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

In addition, another study also mentions that the lights are on all night is also associated with risk of obesity and overweight in person.

A study conducted Institute of Cancer Research in London showed that women tend to have larger waist circumference when sleeping with bright lights. The conclusion was drawn after scientists examined 113,000 people.

"In this large group, there is a link between exposure to light at night with overweight and obesity," said one of the researchers, Prof Anthony Swerdlow, as quoted by BBC News, Friday

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